Not Going Down without a fight!

My story:


All through my childhood I was getting dizzy and passing out only to wake up not knowing what happened.

Even though I had gone to several doctors and had several tests done no one knew enough to let my parents and me know what was going.  When I was about 7yrs old we finally we found a neurologist that performed an EEG as well as other tests that weren't performed before. Based on the symptoms the prognosis was epilepsy.

By the time I was 13 years old and going through "the change" for kids, my body chemicals and hormone changes made my epilepsy worse.  I started going into full blown convulsions and severe seizures. Thankfully I was put on medicines that helped control my symptoms

At 18 I was told wouldn't be able to have kids or drive or be the independent person I knew I wanted to be.

At the age of 21 I was finally told that my condition actually started to manifest when I was a 6 month old infant and had spinal meningitis. It was the meningitis that attacked my nervous system and triggered the epilepsy.

When I turned 22 I got married,  I wanted to have a family and consulted my Dr. They insisted that I couldn't have kids cause of my medication and the side effects it may have on a developing infant. At that point I made the decision and I asked them to change the medication they said would affect the baby. Thankfully my medication was changed.

At the young age of 28 and having 6 years of marriage under our belts we decided to have a family. Even though I was told I couldn't have kid we were overjoyed when we found out I was pregnant even though I was considered a "high risk”. 8 months later our son was born one month premature BUT HEALTHY! 

I defeated the odds! I now have a wonderful family which includes 2 wonderful children. To top things off, I have a full time job, I can drive myself and have been seizure free for 15 years!

The shoes that Ernie at Tattoo My Shoes made for me have been amazing helping me to raise awareness for Epilepsy and other neurological conditions


Thank you

I'm not going down without a fight


Katherine  Turner


Denton, Texas

Phone: 940-594-3934





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